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Masanari Yasuda

Constantly creating new value that we deliver to customers around the globe in order to be "a company sincerely appreciated by all"

The TS TECH Group has achieved steady growth through the development of unique, advanced technologies that take into account safety, the environment, and product appeal as well as through its superior worldwide distribution capabilities. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all TS TECH stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders, business partners, and employees, for their invaluable support.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a period of tremendous technological innovation occurring at an unprecedented pace. Our Group continues to leverage years of R&D experience to stretch the boundaries of what is possible and create new forms of appeal in automotive interior products.

The hard work and dedication of our employees makes it possible for us to constantly create new value and provide products that satisfy all of our customers around the globe.

This focus on creating new value ties together with our continuous pursuit of realizing the TS TECH core beliefs of "a company dedicated to realizing people's potential" and "a company sincerely appreciated by all."

In order for our Group to achieve further growth and embody our core beliefs, management must also fully acknowledge the importance of environmental protection, social responsibility, and governance.

I will manage the Group so that we can help create a sustainable society through our business activities and truly become "a company sincerely appreciated by all" whose existence is appreciated by all stakeholders.


"Due regard for human resources" 

"A company welcome with joy"

-Company Principle-

We will always provide comfortable, high-quality products at a competitive price for customers all over the world, pursuing our dreams through creating products and challenging infinite possibilities.

-Management Policies-

  • Create a bright working atmosphere, respecting harmony and communication among people.
  • Work in a harmonious manner, making the most effective use of time and observing priorities.
  • Challenge the creation of new value, using wisdom in an enthusiastic manner.
  • Strive constantly for the realization of individual visions.



    -Beyond Comfort-

    In the manufacture of its products, TS TECH pursues safety, environmental sustainability, and comfort. The pursuit of comfort in particular is multifaceted and deep, and over the course of time, this pursuit is subject to an infinite process of evolution. When we approach our tasks as individual members of the TS TECH Group, our actions are underpinned by the belief that comfort leads to satisfaction, which in turn brings joy to the end users of our products. Under the TS Philosophy, we are not bound to the present, but rather we create products that go beyond the present in order to bring joy to all our stakeholders. Our will and determination to take on the challenges of a world whose future shape we cannot yet see are expressed through the words "Beyond Comfort."

    -Business Areas-

    TS TECH is a manufacturer of interior components for automobiles

    The core business of TS TECH is the development and production of seats and other automobile interior components. TS TECH handles all kinds of automobile interior components including seats, door trim and roof trim. We also offer package production of a combination of these items. We develop and manufacture resin-based products for motorcycles, including seats, fenders, and more. We do business with virtually all the major motorcycle manufacturers in Japan. We are also leveraging our seat-manufacturing technologies and expanding our business into other fields such as chairs for medical care and train seats.

    An established global supply network in 13 countries

    To serve Japanese auto makers moving production facilities overseas, TS TECH has actively pursued a global expansion strategy since 1977, when it first established a presence in North America. We have already built a supply network in China and other Asian countries which have seen dramatic growth in recent years and have established a global network of 13 countries, including Japan. We are strengthening our global competitiveness by shifting to local production of our products, including local parts procurement, as well as by establishing a mutually complementary parts system through collaboration between local subsidiaries and regions, signing technical-assistance contracts with local manufacturers of parts in the countries in which we do not have an operating business, and establishing a worldwide management network for controlling and managing these initiatives.

    Company Profile


    Established:March.10.1995 under BOI promotion
    Head Office:88 Moo 6, WHA Saraburi Industrial Land, Nong Pla Kradi Road, Nong Pla Moh Sub-district, Nong Khae District, Saraburi Province 18140, Thailand
                            Land area:60,000m2
                            Building area:38,078m2

    Ayutthaya Factory:115/3 Moo 4, Nakornluang Industrial Estate , Bangprakru Sub-district , Nakornluang District,Ayutthaya Province 13260 , Thailand
                           Land area:24,807m2
                           Building area:14,128m2

    TS TECH (Kabinburi) CO.,LTD.:316 Moo 10, Hitech kabin Industrial Estate Ladtakien Sub-district, Kabinburi district, Prachinburi 25110, Thailand.
                           Establishment:December 3, 2013
                           Land area:87,000m2
                           Building area:19,680m2


    1995 Established TS TECH(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. with capital of 50MB
    1996 BOI License Approve
    1997 Established NO.2 Plant/Increased capital to 75MB
    Started production for Honda Civic/Accord/City
    1998 Started production for Honda CRV (In December)
    1999 Increased capital to 150MB
    Certified ISO 9002
    2000 Certified ISO 14001
    2002 Startd FIB process
    Installed Production Control System
    2003 Expanded No.1/No.2 plans
    Started seat production with Air Bag/Sensor
    Started Glued seat process
    2006 Built up Head Rest production
    In housed Welding process
    2007 Changed lay out No1.Plant
    Started 2 shift operation
    2008 Invested in Bangkok seat
    2011 Started H/R Sewing and monolithic molding
    2013 Move new factory in August
    Started H/R free flow foaming
    Started plastic injection with 1800tmachine
    Tip up lock process
    2014 Certified ISO 14001


    Maps and Locations

    Sukhumvit Bangkok Thailand
    Lines of Business: Centralized management, development and support for operations in Asia and Europe.
    Address: No.29 Bangkok Business Center Building 24th Floor, Unit 2401-2, Soi Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai), Sukhumvit Road, Khlongton-Nua, Khet Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
    TEL: +66-02-714-2398
    FAX: +66-02-714-2397
    GPS: 13.724544, 100.584289

    WHA Saraburi Industrial Land(WHA SIL)    Download Map
    Lines of Business: Manufacture of seats for automobiles and door trim.
    Address: 88 Moo 6, WHA Saraburi Industrial Land, Nong Pla Kradi Road, Nong Pla Moh Sub-district, Nong Khae District, Saraburi Province 18140, Thailand
    TEL: +66(0) 3631-3888
    FAX: +66(0) 3631-3877
    GPS: 14.385020, 100.850173
    TS TECH (Kabinburi) CO.,LTD.
    Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Estate     Download Map
    Lines of Business: Manufacture of seats for automobiles and door trim.
    Address: 316 Moo 10, Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Estate, Highway 304(Km.78), Ladtakhien Sub-district, Kabinburi District, Prachinburi Province 25110 Thailand
    TEL: +66(0) 3723-9100
    FAX: -
    GPS: 13.923135, 101.651054
    Nakornluang Industrial Estate   Download Map
    Lines of Business: Store warehouse.
    Address: 115/3 Moo 4, Nakornluang Industrial Estate , Bangprakru Sub-district , Nakornluang District,Ayutthaya Province 13260 , Thailand
    TEL: +66(0) 3571-6677
    FAX: +66(0) 3571-6678
    GPS: 14.489143, 100.590531